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1. Dogmas Massacra

no rest, a piece of you gonna die; suffering a few minutes, too much in lies; you would be a simple animal house; no feel, no think, only a stone in the wall; across the time they make the doubts; bec...

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2. Invaders

They crossed the seas; Thieves, mercenaries, the kings' bitches; Bringing the fire weapons; Showing the fools' gold; Illusory richness and corrosive; Imposed by the power of a dirty empire; Conquering...

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3. Religious Cancer

Emerging hate in territory to territory; This is the new Eden, Genesis of a new world order; Ideology bullshit, stupid faith, lying promises; This is a punished god's cancerous uterus; In the trenches...

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4. The Fall Of Ideology

It is only dispute of power; Pure scene game; Position war; Class confusion; Identity crisis; The Fall of the ideology; Left? Right? Red flag, Green, yellow, black and white; There is no difference, t...

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5. The Path

Springs brings you breath; To bloom means to live; Wings already spread; Nothing left to keep; It is hard to swallow; When the air is sharp; Flight teaches to sorrow; Every time you dart; Lust the dus...

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