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1. Almost Here

almost here. ; when i was alone, i felt so cold, it's hard to keep from shaking. ; i found someone and i couldn't move. i couldn't breathe. ; and you try to tell me; that we're almost here. that we've...

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2. Building

building. ; i'm in a city; where the people help each other to their beds. say what you want. say what you want. ; complete the picture; with a girl who only listens to the dead. say what you want. sa...

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3. Finest Little Space

finest little space. ; sooner or later; you take off your skin and go to sleep. you pray it's forever. if he's still out there, he'll come home. ; too much, for all they care. seen too much, for all t...

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4. Higher Than Reason

higher than reason. ; the shrine is located; in the front room of the house. for some unknown reason; it's been neglected for too long. you claim it's not a problem, but i take it all so hard. so when...

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5. Revolution

revolution. ; goddamn this breakthough; it drowns me out. it stops me from working; these answers out. ; sometimes the letters and the numbers don't add up. is the revolution worth the pain? is the re...

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6. Settle Down

settle down. ; you don't move from that graceful pose; and i never want to close my eyes. every move that i; make is phoney, and every word i say is lies. ; settle down. you never want to see me drown...

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7. Sharing

She hates the words, the games i play; Beseeching her to always stay; And all the words I hear her say; Are making no connection; I'm not missing you a lot; Your picture is all that I have got; I know...

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8. Solved

solved. ; there's a problem; i can't solve it. the only way out; is too hard now. there's another one; when this one's gone. can't send it alone. you can't send it alone. ; and it's all i've got. and ...

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