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1. Frozen Genuflection

Laying down there with a frozen genuflection; Perceiving the forfeited souls around me; Phantom surroundings some say; But I?m forlorn inside, no matter what; While my heart beats; The exanimate count...

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2. The Ordinate And Abscissa

Coordinates once crossed; Melanoid genesis symmetry; Bittersweet dark deep enunciation; Proclaiming scarlet wines as of your taste; Ordination by the greatest ruler; Red tail, black horns, dead eyes; ...

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3. Unalloyed Regiment

All that I express is not ancillary; A reflection of my narcissism; Proud as hell my allegation; Forever carried for my heroes; The ones who no one recite about; Deformed in history, forgotten gallant...

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4. Wretched Scatter

Look around it’s just you and me today; In a wretched scatter finding us; I will always spread the bigness you exert; Far away from the light; Infantile implications I’m supposed to be; They won’t plo...

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