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1. Breathe

If I gave you more of me; Would you give me more of you; Or will I be someone you knewknow you're used to being used; I guess this is suicidal; Why you so suicidal; And Is it my fault when you cry tho...

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2. High School

When you're lonely; do you stare outside your window like I do? Do you remember; how we used to go to Denny's afterschool? And I; I would tell you that I loved you so much; But the problem is; I didn'...

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3. Introspection

Ooh-ooh, ooh; Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh; Ooh-ooh, ooh; Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh; Pretty girl, pity hurts; Know you walk across a fine line, and; Your pretty curls hide your pretty pearls; No, I'm thinking like; Why...

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4. Love Affair

You and I baby; Maybe we can ride away, baby; And I just wanna get inside, babybut I don't wanna wait forever; Scared that I can't treat you better than her; So when I'm gonna know what to feel inside...

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5. Open Up

I shouldn't lie to you (Lie to you); You wouldn't nice to you (Nice to you); If I wasn't bein' myself, yeah; Why I'm so scared of myself, yeah? I couldn't fight the truth (Yeah, yeah); I wasn't gettin...

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6. Remember Me

Wrote you a letter; Now that I'm here without you; Hope that you're better; Hope that you found someone new; 'Cause I'm getting older; Know that I've changed; And I can't go back now; Nothing's the sa...

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