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1. Atrophy

Ce n'est pas ma facon de penser qui; A fait mon malheur mais celle des autres; Parched of eager; Where is the romance in chaos; And where are the colors I knew; Now so faint as the will bereft; A flee...

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2. Bury Me

Bury me in the shallowest grave, so you can find me; When time brings the wind, to fill my lungs again (With you); Again you'll call my name, and time will stagger on; It will repeat until there is no...

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3. Hopeless Unknown

If I had one more chance; I wouldn't let any of my fears get in the way of these feelings for you; I tried, oh so many times; To get through to you; It was always so perfect in dreams, but a struggle ...

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4. Modern Empire

I try to justify this mask I've made my face; Fearing rejection from a bastard dying race; What's called upon a weakened heart; Will surely tear the seams; The reality in futility of believing in our ...

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5. The Hyperborean

A retrospective gaze; Fixed on a mind terrified; Paralysis set in motion; Through theological torture; The inherent rebellion of youth; Repressed and lying dormant through; A childhood of conformity; ...

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