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1. A Mere Shell

Please do not take me; since I behold the sun; I would still like to; stay here for a while; Although; in her arms; I feel; freeze's breath; (death's breeze); She is here; She swallows the sun; And ev...

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2. Fear Of The Void

So below as above; Infinite vacuum; Multitudenous stars; flicker cold light; Beyond them; what horrors may exist? Vast waters; Below the surface; what horrors lie in wait? They are yet to be perceived...

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3. Follow and Believe / Fall without Relief

Oh why did you take; for granted what was said? You cannot see; behind the wall of lies; Why do you praise; the glory of the liar; Non-existent; and mindless; (Rotting...); Rotting; With the taste of ...

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4. Liber Umbrarum Vel Coniunctio

Proclamator: Timeo, trepido; in basilicis atris erro. Nescio, nememini quo modo huc adveni. Librum Iuvenis quiete domi legebam. Sed qui estis, spiritus advenientes? Umbrae: Lemures aut spiritus non su...

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5. Myrrys

Ääni tuulen, varjot puiden; Yksinäni uneksin, haltioissa ylenin; Öinen rauha, pilvien like; Lensin yli metsien, keralla pilvien; Sammasta kiipesin kannelle taivaan; Salot siniset, kammiot kultaiset; J...

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6. Nocturnal Occurences

When oily darkness chokes the light; When chill reaches the bones beneath the skin; The nighttime noises now have deep meanings; as shadows dance on the empty streets; I can feel it; true meanings and...

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7. Reaching Azathoth

Iä Azathoth. "That last amorphous blight of nethermost confusion which blasphemes and bubbles at the center of all infinity - the boundless daemon sultan Azathoth, whose name no lips dare speak aloud,...

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8. Transcend Humanity

Abandon dualism and Indoeuropean ways; The world isn't black and white, only shades of grey. Recognize the herd mentality in your thought processes; Deaden those drives stemming from biology. Reality ...

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9. Water In Lungs

We did not belong there; That's why you found us lying here; It is their fault; They broke our hearts; They brought us down; That's why we chose to drown; ...And do not be affraid; We will not hurt yo...

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10. Words Left Unspoken

Hand me the blade; It is bright outside; Now you can see clearly; I will show you what I have; Inside; Watch; I; Will; Open; Myself; For; You; What do you see? What do you see? You watch and stare; Wh...

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