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1. Brainwashed

I wanna be a celebrity; So you will be obsessed with me; You'll sweat my style, want my man; Take my picture whenever you can; I'm gonna get me a famous face; And I'm gonna do whatever it takes; Botox...

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2. Everything I Am

You've become so real to me; Not anything I used to see; Now it's just reality; In the face that's looking back at me; All you want is me to please; To fit the mold and make you proud; You feed on my ...

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3. Fuck'd Up

If you're 8-1-8 or 3-2-3; Yeah f-u-c-k-d-u-p; From Tokyo to NYC; We f-u-c-k-d-u-p; In the club, on the street; Yeah f-u-c-k-d-u-p; Yeah n-o-s-l-e-e-p; We f-u-c-k-d-u-p; Here's a LAN; Hi there, I am yo...

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4. Girl Talk

We got dirty little secrets; That you're not supposed to hear; About misbehaving and intoxicating love affairs; Like yesterday my girl called to say; That she met a boy named Rick; He said her eyes lo...

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5. Hot Hot Riot

We live in a factory; Compromising, analyzing; They want more and more of me; Their expectations cultivating; It spins around inside of me; It spins inside my head; It's getting under me; Behind the f...

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6. O.c.d (Obsessive Compulsive Dancing)

just can't stop - I'm a freak; I just can't stop - moving my body; We just can't stop when the beat drops; We just can't stop rockin' this party; In my knee high boots, in my zebra dunks; My custom st...

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7. Out Of Control

Out of control; Out of control; In the middle of the night he came inside, turned on the light; I grabbed a knife and then I hit him with a big surprise; Don't fuck with me; I was walking in the stree...

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8. Texxxt Bomb (featuring Jeffree Star)

We got a chain action; A neon after glow; A dirty love attraction; And it's about to blow. ; There ain't no stoppin' me; I got my fingers on it; I'll bring you to your knees; It's time to get atomic. ...

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9. Tiger Heat

Tiger heat; Tiger heat; Burning up the floor to the million dollar beat; Don't stop like a record, like a record on repeat; Dance to the heat of your own drum machine; In the concrete jungle; There's ...

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