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1. Angst Macht Frei

was it my innocence; when this wound began speaking? the sound is ugly, the language incorrect; subsonic whines; love, love, love, love, blah, blah, love; protected by the blue screen; white noise car...

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2. Fludir

Tell me, you aren't so far away; Tell me, you aren't out of my reach; With a lovely fragment you gave; I am carving your name... Our name, into my skinny frame; You know that a part of me, Belongs to ...

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3. In Denial

stretching out for unknown; forbidding all drops to flow; didn't dare stay or be, eyes shut: delusion's on screen; highlights have dimmed and died; for the sake of some stupid pride; limbless dancer d...

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4. My First Doll

you don't need your angels anymore; so they walk out the door; by the dim light of the weakened sun; i just was the only one; so you praised me and just like you; i praised you too; hopelessly acting ...

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5. Never Prove Me Wrong

there is not a single hurtful thing that you could do to me; that i haven't tried myself before; the surface is the only thing in you that's left to believe in; the reason why to lay another dawn; you...

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6. New World

depends on the day ahead; flashpoint should draw a circle; pregnant babies afraid of; tired punchline; tomorrow comes without monks and nuns; everyone's the only one; behind chests full emptiness; lov...

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7. Perfect

(perfect flies, never dies, perfect; is here for us sailing across; the sea of drool from the land of; bathroom floor); 55, 54, 53, 52, 51, 50, 49, 48, 47, 46; 45, 44, 43, 42, 41; mouth says:; "i have...

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8. Schoolboy Deathwish

before you get wasted again; write everything down; may you never forget; remember your words; sex is a curse; use lipstick or use sperm; our blistered smiles don't; make a difference; i am happy if y...

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9. The Kirlian Gaze

Dazzling view in deep red; Have to dance for the future's dead; Stumblind around intoxicated... can't be saved; Where were you when I was in pains? Where was I when you lost your ways? Both were gazin...

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10. Understand

This only thing i care about; Steadily it's running out; This isn't true; This isn't happening to me; But cannot make it disappear so let's play dead my dear, just fake dead, oh God. ; You wouldn't un...

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11. Why Can't We Believe We Can't Be Loved?

if we can come in from the cold; then we can heal ourselves from what is told; change the ways still staying sane; dear friend i'm blessed to know; this chance is getting old; (and it goes to show); "...

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