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1. A Dream Of Love

After the party; Walking down the stairs; 'do you mind if I join you?'; 'no I don't care.'; Well maybe this could turn out really great; Or a big mistake; A mistake; A big mistake; When you told me I ...

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2. A Kiss and a Slap

I know you're tired from all my sins; But maybe it's been too long; So close your eyes and begin to count; And pray nothing goes wrong; Seven seconds of agony; Seven seconds of liquid bliss; Just a sl...

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3. Beauty #2

feel it falling; through the floor; like liquid crystal; on foreign shores; rose and silver with gold and silk; silent kisses; prove them wrong; a secret pleasure; just for the strong; strong with sil...

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4. Bloodline

Waiting out on the bloodline; You know I heard the call; Try to make this experience; It doesn't work at all; And now I try to recall; Just one reason why I started at all; Don't know why I even start...

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5. Crash

Watch the droplets fall; From the steering wheel; You know you passed out in the back of the car; Wipe your face; On the window paine; You know that no one else can help you at all; Not at all; You st...

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6. Extra Ordinary

Oh what a splendid story; but I've heard it before; to me it's a mystery; that's somehow still, well je t'adore; but really; I know the score; you've heard it before; you say that you're sanctuary; an...

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7. Grey Turns White

got a message from the razor's edge; tried to read it standing on the ledge; might be easier to fall instead; you're looking down from a breathless height; count the stories, contemplate the flight; '...

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8. Guilty Pleasure

she said there's nothing better; and I believed her; I wish I'd never met her; It would be better; to shut the door and turn the lights out; and hide your face, it's scarred for life; I found the swee...

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9. Hail Mary

Me; In the rain; Deliver me; From this pain; So now the fires gone out; Burnt themselves to ash; And all the stars have fallen from the sky; Tonight; Mother mary in the rain; The rain; I need to see h...

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10. Happens Every Time

It happens every time; you wake up screaming; and say you're feeling fine; It happens every time; you think you're changing; water into wine; well it helps to think that we're all selling pearls; to s...

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11. How Did It Feel

He bore his burden up the hill; He did not cry; He did not flinch; And even though this was his last; He didn't bother to look back; And how did it feel? I'd like to know just how it felt; And how did...

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12. Lightning

a razor blade; a dollar and a dream; a rainy afternoon; a whisper and a scream; oh but, I know; rip yourself apart; yeah I know; let the teardrops start; a different grade; 400 days a year; but when t...

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13. Lynn Marie #1

Lay me down upon your bed; You know there's nothing I won't do; Hold my hands behind my head; There is no world, only you; Oh but Lynn Marie, baby I love you; Oh Lynn Marie, baby I love you; Lynn Mari...

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14. Lynn Marie #2

There is a certain tone of voice; That makes it clear there is no choice; She says I'm here for you; And then she turns her head and starts to run from you; But it's happening time after time; Yes it'...

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15. Mercy Seat

When I'm in the mercy seat; I smile; And lay my weapons down; All I ask is for release; No matter what the cost; There's only one way; To bring a new day; Apply the heat that gently turns; My sickness...

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16. Nausea

So here we are; And here we stay; You make small gentle movements; In a silent way; 'cause your wonderful; And beautiful; And cruel beyond compare; And yet the scent of death is in the air; Is in the ...

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17. Poison

give me a reason; give me a cure; give me some poison; 'cause it might be pure; if you've found the snake that bites; you're half-way there; now say goodnight; repeat the question; give me a clue; tel...

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18. Praise The Low

emily is hanging round; by her feet strung upside down; swaying back and forth without a sound; the time has come to claim your place; wipe that look right off your face; or disappear without a trace;...

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19. She Screamed

The sun comes up like acetylene; Curtain opens on some ultra vivid scene; Lynn is crawling on her hands and knees; And when tries to smile her face just snaps and bleeds; So line them up and try it ag...

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20. Special One

you told me on the telephone; to never fear to be alone; who would think it would come to this; the perfect crime; the perfect kiss; didn't trust what you said in your letter; in retrospect I should h...

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21. Staring At The Sun

the sun is shining brighter; the time has finally come; it seems insane for me to go on; I've only just begun; the image flicker faster; the image rip and bend; and then I looked up at the sky; I knew...

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22. The Kindest Cut

so now you're mine and it really shows; give me speed and a place to go; and a knife to bring back what I know; it didn't hurt a bit; I hate this curse of tenderness; so hit me hard and break the spel...

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23. The Whore Of God

Saw you standing on the street corner; Well you were waiting; And that you can't deny; You say your last john was peculiar; He moved in a mysterious way; But a kiss on the lips; Is far too much for an...

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24. This Isn't Real

If you weren't insane; At least you could start to drink again; I wish you could tell me you already know; But we're a mess with no hidden comedy; This isn't real; But maybe it's true; Oh yeah well ma...

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25. Three Stars

well red alert; she scream and curse; three hundred six degrees; I held her close; she dropped her skirt; and smiled gracefully; but, no one knows what it's really like; it ended happily; three stars;...

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26. Untitled

She said, She said, ive played, i've lost, i've won; She said, she said; Goodbye, so long, take care, have fun; She's gone; Gone forever; She's gone; Gone to the ground; She's gone

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27. You Didn't Say Please

Well you know what song I like; But you sing so tunelessly; There's only one way out; You know what that'd be; So come on, get set; And when I say the word; Now kick; Well exercise is good for you; So...

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