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1. Automatic

Look what you're doing to me; I'm utterly at your whim; All of my defenses down; Your camera looks through me; With its X-ray vision; And all systems run aground; All I can manage to push from my lips...

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2. Desire

There is a thin line between fantasy and reality so fine you won't believe. How many times have you let it go? Feelings deep in your soul, got you reeling out of control. ; Read somewhere in a little ...

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3. Found A Cure

"lyricFOUND A CURE; I searched all over could not find; Someone to hold some peace of mind; Yesterday is gone nothing else to do; But let it go before I lose; All of my hopes and my dreams; For someth...

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4. Free

Where did we go wrong; Where did we lose our faith; My brother is in need; But can he depend on me; Do you think if one of you tried; Maybe you could find; A better friend than any other; If you gave ...

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5. If You Could Read My Mind

If you could read my mind love; What a tale my thoughts would tell; Just like an old time movie; Bout a ghost from a wishing well; In a castle dark; Or a Fortress strong with chains upon my feet; You ...

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6. Twisted (got Me Goin Round)

I can't stop thinking about it. It's captured in my soul. Crazy things you're doing; You know I'm loosing control. The harder I fight the better it feels; When it finally takes over; Leaves my body sh...

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