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1. Cut Deep Eternally

At the gates to the beyond; Looking down the red horizon; I see the northern star; It wakes up memories in my heart; I still remember when you and I; Walked this shore, your hand in mine; I only hope ...

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2. Descent

We are fallen angels from the sky; Fallen for our sins tonight; Thrown out of skies to live our life; Down here in earth; I don't know why he did not understand; Our little prank we did up high above;...

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3. Dreamlife

Catch your dream and hang it to the wall; Take a look, what it wants to say, just to you; Dreamer, dream all your life, dream while you still; have the time; I don't want to be the one that never drea...

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4. Fight The Time

Where I'm now? I can't recall how I came here; Ask the question, get no answer; Hope that I'm not far away I hope; That I'm alive; Where am I now, would you tell me; Where did all those hours gone; I ...

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5. Fly High, Rise To The Sky

Never knew what you were to do; Someone always pushed you around; You never cared about those clues; In the beats of your heart's sound; But someday you'll be able to rise; To flow in the blue of your...

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6. Follow Me

I'm drifting away, I obey the call; I'm leaving this place, Now it's once and for all; I won't ask more, You taught me the rhymes; That open the door, To your paradise; I'm leaving it all, I'm leaving...

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7. In My Dreams

I'm walking through the green fields; The sun is shining high; I'm heading for the old pine; that reaches to the sky; In memories of my childhood; Always there the pine; I used to climb the branches; ...

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8. In Winter Nights

On the edge of the mountain cliff; I'm standing wondering again; This beauty of the night; The dark clad in white; A world all dressed in snow; Shining brightly in the night; I just look upon the dark...

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9. New Dawn

Lights are out, you can't see in the dark; Sound is off, you can't hear those wolves bark; Take my hand; I lead you, guide you, out of here; Blind, numb, deaf but still you fight the fear; I am your e...

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10. On The Edge

See my shadow on the wall; Evil presence on these halls; You have entered to my world; That's been blackened by hate; Come to free my hatred soul; I don't want to be alone; Take me out of my dark mind...

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11. Play The Game

It is time, for me to play again; The die is cast I'm under the spell; Sweet desire controlling me; I can't help myself Nor do I want; Once again take me down; Crash me into the ground; Cut my wings, ...

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12. Rain & Storm

Lords of the rain and storm; Please hear my call; Come over me and heal; My world of dust, let it rain; My land once clean; Lays spoiled, it's soiled in dust; No signs of rain; Clouds nowhere to be se...

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13. Set The Sails

I leave my land, leave my homeland I set my sails to the night; The sparkle of the hope is in the hearts of everyone; I have to leave it all behind, I will leave the safety shore of my; My dreams take...

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14. Storms

The moment before I leave; Thousand miles away; You said me things I would not like to hear; Before I leave; The times that we shared are important now; When I'm far away from you; Storms of the Nordi...

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15. Through Winterland

Through the land of cold; The Valley of the Northern wind I walk; And the starlit sky's my only guide; To whom I now can talk; In the Darkness of the winter night; Shining stars light up the sky; Nort...

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16. Whispers (of The World)

To ask again, look deeper in your heart; Answer is there to find; In the hearts of every one of us; Lies the truth, only for; You to find; To the distant sky you; Try to look so high; Trying to look i...

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