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1. Fencewalker

Streets tonight, marvel at the sight; Local bars, flashy cars; Modern twenty-first century man; All alone, grab my car phone; Wait for the beep, and I'm glued to my seat; I must say I'm not impressed;...

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2. Friday Night

Fencewalker, will you ever fall off; Lukewarmer, will you ever become cold or hot; We're not playin' some game; Is that so hard to see; 'Cause what we're talking about; Is eternity; Come back, come ba...

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3. I Am Loved

Monday morning gettin' ready to go; All dressed up for that fashion show; Tuesday's bell gettin' ready to ring; Time for work the same old thing; Friday Night; Friday Night on the town; Friday Night; ...

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4. Raining

Sitting here on center stage; Looking all around; Oh Lord, just you and me; There's no one for a crowd; I wonder why I'm sitting here; Is it for me or you; God I pray that you will be; In everything I...

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5. Roller Coaster

There's rain outside; I've nowhere to hide; But still I hide from You; The pain is so deep; But I cannot keep; My fears hidden from You; Ohh, it's rainin' in my heart; Ohh, it's rainin' in my heart; M...

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6. The American Way

Rick was just an average guy; Half - hearted faith; Wanted to cross the finish line; He didn't care which place; Leading a double-life; Pretending here and there; He knew what he was doing; But he rea...

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7. What Happened

Find a friend, lose control; Fall in love and lose your soul; Settle down, buy a ring; Wait awhile, have a fling; Work it out, raise a kid; Then look back at what you did; Never alone, so it's okay; J...

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