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1. Burning Wheels Turning

There was turning and yearning; transition to crime; And slaughter and dancing; and cheating in rhyme. In the lanes there were standing; A few of the Blessed; And the flames in their right hands; Shon...

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2. Electric Sun

Sunchild, from Japanese gardens; Here are my new songs; They’re all done for you. Sunchild, from African seashores; Here is my message; I’ll sing it to you. Rainchild, from cold, misty islands; Well, ...

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3. Japanese Dream

Mond muß weichen; Sternumkräntzt; Morgenröte küßt die Wiesen; Goldbetaut. Eine weiße Taube steigt empor; Traumgleich. Friede liegt über der Welt. Moon must fade; Starberimm’d; Dawn kisses the meadows;...

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4. Lilac

Tiny Flower­; Within thy lilac depth; I see the breathing Universe…; All strength, all wisdom - never changing law. Infinite Beauty! Thou art embracing all the power; And the weakness of creation. In ...

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5. Still So Many Lives Away

Once somebody told me, I read it in his eyes:; "Be careful what you’re doing. Don’t ever criticise. Forget all your illusions, they’re just a mad confusion. Man is a killing beast; and there’s no para...

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6. Sundown

Oh, he was dead; He saw no light; And he was damned for forty years; He cried for help; But he was tied; All light of hope had disappeared. Sundown; Black souls on fire; Their shadow never dies; Sundo...

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7. Tanz In Die Dammerung

Morgenrot - wo sind diesterne der Hoffnung? Morgentau - kannst Du mir sagen, wo wir hingehn'? Die Sonne versinkt - Dein Leben verrinnt... ; Pain - real pain! weltenschmerz... Cain - thine brother hast...

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