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1. Beastly Behaviour

Feel your needs and follow the lust. Obey the craving and put your trust in; the emotions that take control of all urges and blackens your soul. A; pleasure that you cant live without, pure satisfacti...

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2. Carved In Stone

Time flies by, while souls meet and drift through existence. Our lives; coalesce, through acts, touch, and intimacy. We await the future to fulfil; our hopes and expectations. But somehow we neglect w...

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3. Malice

My hate is built on grief, a lust for revenge to ease the guilt. A condition; of helplessness where you're suffering is my only cure. I worship the; bitterness to increase the pain and prolong the mou...

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4. Near God - Closer To Hell

Thou serpent speak nothing but lies, with thy holy infested tongues. But; thou shall never touch my spirit, thou rapist of misguided souls. ; Awakening from the cursed trance. Sinning through free spi...

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5. Self Absorbed

Through my private forest I wander, where there are no other beings. There; are no souls to misguide me. The silence is my clarity. This is the place; where I decide my quest. I am all alone in my pri...

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6. Stigmatized

Burning pain in fragile flesh. A repulsive sight, an awful mess. vandalised; to the unknown. Ostracised from all around. ; The image created stick to our minds. Better kept isolated to avoid; offendin...

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7. The Profound Power

I wait for time to impulse my mind to see further than the moment. A path to; walk not walked before, but nor to be ignored. I roam landscape that's not; explored. A request for a challenge a dare tow...

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8. Vortex Of Vengeance

Magic flames draw me near. A beautiful sight in the dark evening. Strong; feelings embrace my heart. Filled with passion I roam through the night. How; I have yearned to inhale this moment, feel the t...

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