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1. Ad Nauseam

Bound and gagged; Yet professing the importance of these putrid regurgitations; Dangling above the precipice; Fate, tragic and deserved, lies below; Vacuous and nightmarish; Docile and servile; Kiss t...

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2. Becoming The Lycanthrope

Revelation or annihilation; The futile and the fanatics; That is all we are; With scalpel incisions and flapping tongues; Bury the limbs of the hopeless; Clambering onto the funeral pyre, overwhelmed;...

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3. Burnt Offering

Your disciples of falsehood; In constraint benighted baptism; Charred wings disintegrate; Drowning in the tears of those forsaken; Angels are cast into rivers of blood; Bathing; Flowing through the ki...

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4. Defaeco

Blackness, inside to out; Like a benign tumor turned terminal; Here we are at the dawn our conclusion; Penned, paid for and played out by us all; Seconds slow as we count down to death; Reflection ecl...

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5. Failure

Let me hang here, till sleep; To end my nightmare, to let me dream; To lie beneath the soil, alone; To let the world grow old

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6. Martyr Of The Soil

Here we exist upon the cliff tops; Exhausted and empty; Sneering into the darkness below; Wet palms, coppery and thick; Lines of red to mark our progress; But to what end? We are a part of this plague...

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7. Praise And Negation

Blame tarred with cursed ivory brush; Halos to sever heads of those below; Two millennia with faded words to burn; Fall to your knees or immolate your soul; Lungs filled with black; Cough of the wretc...

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8. Scorn The Dethroned

Your tears of misery fill this chalice from which I drink; Disdainful as I witness your reality induced decay; Lost souls have no will of their own; The diseased beg for destruction; Beg for absolutio...

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9. Second Death

Storms of cleansing defile me; Shelter out from your wrath and fury; One's swift destruction; In final conflagration; My blood spills, my flesh boils; Marked for servitude eternally; Are those repente...

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10. Smash The Deceitful

Predator of the self righteous onslaught upon; Those who wished for peace gain hardship; Enduring as strength intensifies; Hatred empowers, I worship; Despair alight; The funeral internal; Desolation ...

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11. Subversive Supremacy

Belligerency against the weak; Conqueror, ascends the throne; Age of ruination; Blight of the final stronghold; Shed blood stains me; Attrition has ended; Inferiors enslaved; Degenerated empire; Behol...

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12. The Coming Of Genocide

A race cloned of fear; Followers of the sun's dying blaze; Entering a broken future; Burning in the contemptuous dominion; Severed wings of the dove of peace; Black it's heart - crushed in my grasp; D...

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13. The Mask Of The Satyr

(Cut away and start again); Cross out these serpentine eyes; Milk them for all they're worth; Shatter the white with Circe hammers; Slay the beast with three billion heads; Through noise and movement,...

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14. To Fell Goliath

Lynch the god of disease; And sever his wings; Hang him upon the red beneath the green; But the tyrants and sinners are waiting in line; And the mob is thinning and there is no time; With the blind ma...

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15. Ulceration

Hellspawned flames caress the flesh of the untainted; The distressed pray to the lord of lacerated sight; Watching their bleeding eye sockets cry; Brethren of assassination begin rites of damnation; S...

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