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1. Battle Of The Elements

Seeing through the light; Elixir of life; Lay down your heart; To be found to believe - conceiving; A belief in heaven; And as your god begins to rise; Chased the illusion; Profusing the elusive (god)...

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2. Dresden

Dresden baby; Where's the lesson to learn; No source or reference; All your evidence burnt; Ashes the cinders they fall; But no midnight deadlines; For your ball; Because you're waiting; Oh, still wai...

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3. For Madmen

Seeing through bitter eyes; Pride is prime of youth; His blackness - is his vanity; To side - the side of truth; He knows - he'll always lose; He's lost before; A boy with a grievance; A man with a gr...

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4. For My Country

A night for celebration; A night to unwind; A night when Dr Jekyll; Pushes Mr Hyde from behind; Release me, I will unwind tonightÉ; The hopes delay the message; Distorted in my mind; Emotions begin to...

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5. Jerusalem Over

Over the hill, over the hills; Vision; There are green fields far away; Over the white cliffs of dover; For jesus' aping caesars; Over the whit cliffs of dover; Satanic mills over the hills; Horizons ...

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6. Last In The House Of Flames

Hubble-bubble; Toil and troubled; House burns; Bodies Bubble; Will you run? Do you hide? Or burn inside; When your last in the house of flames; Inferno hell .............. Out of luck; Lesson learnt ....

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7. May Day Malady

May day ........ mayday; May day; Mayday; Masque; May madcap laughs; Mayhem malady; May day; May day; Our Mayday queen; A martial madonna; Come and see... ; Red striped the white; Red flag dripping hi...

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8. Rising From The Dead

Killed once, killed twice; Double the crime, but you'll still pay the same price; For equality's stale when you can't fail; Newspapers read the same old story; Hero to be hailed; Murder only accelerat...

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9. Sexual

In confusion; A purpose in life; The choice - The problem; A husband for a wife; Sexual; Silicone's in demand; Curvature et al; Hormones for your tea; Lifes so flexible; Sexual; Sexual; Female in comm...

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10. Shattered

Eyes steal your hold; In confidence control; Spine thrill glass filled; Glass full satanic filled; Dream flatter fear shatter; Our ouija ja JA ouija ha ha we; Push the glass - so bold; Fingertip contr...

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11. Stagestruck

The curtain calls; As I fall; (Glazed your eyes); Subject change in the box; It hides the grief as the knife drops; As the knife drops; From your heaven - the worlds our stage; Romance lived by repeti...

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12. Testament

Walking through the garden; Through the garden of temptation; Tempestuous in youth; Seek the testament of truth; An angst that bears no sobs or self-pitied cries; He cherishes his one daily job with p...

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13. Uk Decay

Battered britain just take a look; Your future hangs on a butcher's hook; Your union jack no longer rules the skies; It lies in shit, surrounded only by flies; You're watching it waste away; In the UK...

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14. Unexpected Guest

And as the clock strikes three; But no afternoon tea; This is morning; All wealth yawning; And you dreamÉ (repeat); Oblivious to my scheme; WhoÕll set the test; For your Unexpected Guest; And as your ...

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15. Warewolf

When the light of the day is dead; The spark of night ignites; Beast Dormant inside; Comes alive; When imagination rules the head; Evoking instincts undead; The animal will rise to cry wolf; Victoriou...

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