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1. Everyday Torn

Kill my pain, choose the way; Waiting for it, I just feel safe; Calling you, you call my name; I understand what you say but I don?t think the same; I touch your shoulder, I see you pale; Playing that...

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2. My Condition

My condition; I don’t think you’ll be satisfied; I don’t feel the connection start; And I’m sure my solution’s right; I’ll force you, this is my condition; Think? Well I don’t think anymore; My time h...

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3. Noiselessness

Can you hear the different sound of your words; It seems like a preach, they want my respect; Carry your double face out of the room; Your time has just finished, mine’s ready to start; You know I’ve ...

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4. Sometimes

All is cold between my fingers; Just remains of my dead past; I sense memories that linger; But i know they won’t last; I’ve been crushed by my anger; Upside down for a while; Now I’m trying to surviv...

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5. Stereotype

This is my ego; Breaking your boring, fucking convention; This is my superstar; Waiting for something, something special; This is my actress; Beautiful blonde girl; Blue eyes and a short life; This is...

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6. T.o.y.

T.O.Y. ; Listen to me; Slow down for a moment and set your mind free; It’s time to wake up from the slow sleep you’re in; And open your eyes to the truth deep within; Did you ever realize that; We’re ...

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7. Thank You For Nothing

It’s too late to say goodbye; To find a face behind; Dressing up my life; I’m in a prison; There’s nothing left to do; Nothing left to tell you about me; And my sad story; All of my life I’ve been wai...

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8. Turn It Up (slip Away)

You have to face this now; Will you choose to let it out and show me what you; are; You always turn things down; And always try to explain your truth with a single; line; This time I know the things y...

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9. Why

Come over, it's all over; You found the right design; Conflictually heartbroken; So sweetly hypocrite; Days are lost in pain; And I wonder how to tell you that I'm sorry; There was a fragile link; Tha...

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10. You Against Yourself

You Against Yourself; I, I can’t be leaving now your side; I cannot change in that desire; Now I am diving in my tears; I cannot give you “nothing”; Can’t convince you; Can I bleed you? You can’t find...

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