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1. Anathematized

Bastardized life, Anathematized, for knowlege your feble minds can't handle! Condemned to a non-existant world, Of Demons and Satan! I gladly accept this punishment, The gift of solitude, catalyzes le...

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2. Burn Us

Christian's don't love man, if they actually cared, they would burn us! If they were concerned, for man's salvation, they would burn us! Burn us for our heresies! burn us for leading nations, into ete...

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3. Caution

Mercilessly I question why, your feelings of devotion, your self sacrifice, your self denial! Contemplation devoid of all interest, is nothing more than a guise; for the emasculation of art! Take caut...

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4. Fools

FUCKING DIE! Hypocritical crutch for the weak! Hang yourself, with the veins, of the Bastard Son! For your crimes against life and knowledge, You shall, perish!

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5. God Is Dead

[adapted from a poem by Agnethe Ouren]; This day [the mob] lives for dreams; we know can't be, this very hour pretending [they] are free. The Lord is dead, but one god's living... a new religion's sav...

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6. Nietzsche's Charity

You are botched, you are weak, You shall perish! It is our charity, and we will help you to it! Christianity, is your crutch! It cannot withstand, our weight, Bearing down upon you! You, must, DIE! Ch...

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7. On Self Suffering

The abundance of joy, in one's own suffering, it's nauseating, me! The joy of making oneself suffer, the folly of a fool, resides in self-mutilation! [Chorus]; Desensualize! Decarnalize! Contrite! Pen...

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8. Sentimental Weakness

Appropriate the weak! Overpower the weak! The will of life, is exploitation! To refrain from exploitation, is a denial of life, a principal of decay! Sentimentality is weakness, they will walk all ove...

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9. The Scene Is Fucked

What is this cancer, eating our body? Ignorance abounds, posers all around. ; And everything has, gone to fucking shit. No one has a clue, what are we to do? The scene, is fucked. (X4)

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10. Whore

"Ah little slut, you've got scruples have you, about sucking the finest prick in [America]? You suppose, don't you, that one's got to wash one's balls just for your sake? Well, fuck you, bitch; suck d...

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