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1. As Long As You Want Me Here

Don't let me catch you with no-one else; That would cost you dear; I'll stay beside you 'til the end of time; (by your side); As long as you want me here; If you should stand me upon a stage; Naked be...

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2. Caesar's Palace Blues

Creamed-up kitten screaming for her next injection; Dead dog in the driveway - protein intection; The most exclusive restaurants have a few uninvited divers; Don't worry if you're under age - they've ...

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3. Carrying No Cross

Stop... ; been wrong so many times before; was always laying down the law; and all attractions ware a bore; they led me back to you; Uniforms were an allergy; they never felt quite right to me; they c...

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4. Danger Money

I'm 3000 miles from home, I'm so tired and I'm all alone, It's a good thing I'm single, wish I could swing all nite long, but I got a job with a price on my head so I must get away, It's one hell of a...

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5. Night After Night

Darkness descends on the freeway; Traffic lines turning to stone; I'm driving myself half crazy; I wish i were headed for home; Say girl when we're not together; I feel like i'm losing my mind; Night ...

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6. Nothing To Lose

Nothing to lose; Now I can really break it; Now I don't have to fake it; Forget it then I don't need it; If it ain't hot I'll leave it; Nothing to show but no-one to stop me I'm going away; I'm kickin...

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7. Rendezvous 6:02

It's 5 o'clock; driving sown Park Lane; as London leaves; for the weekend again; through the dark city streets; in the clinging rain; I take my car; towards the Thames; and Waterloo... ; Rendezvous 6 ...

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8. The Only Thing She Needs

Midnight Mass a yellow moon; Wonder walked from my window; Now she sings a different tune; Golden tunes, out of the blue; Now the sky is clearing; Looking through her crystal eyes; Waiting Windows loo...

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9. When Will You Realize?

When will you realize? (x 4); This is the year that we all live in fear; For there's no use for you and i; And it's somebody's dream; Automatic machine; That is run from a central cell; And you'll see...

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