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1. Boom Snap Clap

so they say diamonds are a girls best friend, well i got some jewels for you! i want you as much as a genitle herpes; And love you as much as crabs; SO IT'S TIME FOR DOOM; PREEEPARE FOR TOTAL DOMANATI...

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2. Carnavorium

This song is about a Caveman! Lets eat some cats; you can feast upon anything you want; fresh camel; with a side of squirell; blah blah skree ree; theese goodins aint deep fried kill your own food; gi...

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3. Rice Cakes

I'm like subway, i keep it fresh; ET gets the hoes; I have vomit in my toes; I was shopping on ebay; for a school tray; but i bought some hotpockets; and a space rocket; spiderman aint got nothin on m...

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4. Wasp

Mayor mayor! The lawyers are at bay; And they have been impregnated; By sharks; Reaching into the cradel; Calling for sea sections; The insects begin to swarm; Weve been there and done that! We sent o...

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