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1. A Year To The Day

This year, Ill light the candles alone. A year ago today I was a fool. And I believed in heroes, and dragons, and us. ; We were laying out; under the night sky. You and me, well never die. ; Huddled t...

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2. Asleep In Me

Asleep in Me; The night is young, and I've been tossing and turning. The miles in between. The days spent waiting. ; I can't sleep. [4x]; Under cover of darkness, you will go. You'll sneak out to the ...

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3. Elegy

The water rushes against my front side. It's coming up towards high tide. I'll hold you steady while; I can, while I still can. But you never know what will come tonight and heaven knows I'm in its li...

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4. Former Glory

Former Glory; Good morning, son, how are you? You're only seventeen. You say the world outside is watching you in your sleep. You've got the promise of forever, but your youth is wearing thin, and you...

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5. Raw Dog

[Intro: Cash and Ol' Dirty Bastard]; Yo, check it son, Hoodies up in it; Ol' Dirty, where you at??!! Wu-Tang,Hoodies representin'; One time, check it out; [Verse One: Cash]; While I ain't got no hoe I...

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6. Surface

You know the things I've never told. All the bad dreams and the good times I have known. I can see the fire in your eyes. It burned bluer the moment it met mine. ; And tell me where you're from, and a...

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7. The Bright Lights

Opening night for the same old show. Well the lights go down and the curtains up. Tell me is the spotlight bright enough? Read the cards and recite those lines. You know they always seem so dry. And t...

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8. Time On Timer

I’m watching you so close . I’m right under your nose . Waiting for a sign of the times . And I’ll know just when I; am by the length of your hair, Will it curl around your; face? Tomorrow I went back...

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