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I'm on a roll
I'm on a roll and there's nowhere to go
Where we going now?
Out of control
Out of control and there's no one to ground me
There's no one around me now

The futher I move away
The more it all likes like over and over and over and over the same
Losing all destination
Spreading my thoughts too thin
I don't care I don't care I don't care where I'm going

I've never known
I've never known and that's what keeps me going
Where we going now?
My blood and my bones
My blood and my bones, that's all that keeps me together
We're not together now

Cutting myself for bleeding
Breaking my bones I go and I go and I go and I go where it takes me
Nobody's got the answer
There's nothing left to explain
I don't know I don't know I don't know the solution

Call it all intuition
Or write it off as lost
But I know and you know and we know there's an answer

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Número de Palavras 152
Número de Letras 892
Intérprete The Helio Sequence

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