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Letra da Música Frozen Heart de The Hawk In Paris

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I remenber that first night
Chillin in your apartment
I never asked you that the tattoo on your shoulder
Of a frozen hear meant were are iceberg sinking my boat
Out in the ocean with your white
Skin touching me freezing me in slow motion

I 'm falling for a hear of snow
Your winter spell won't let me go
I'm frozen, frozen
I'm drowning in your arctic sea
Can't break the ice that covers me
I'm frozen, frozen

You are a cold sub-zero heart breaker
By your own design
I go the feeling from your icicle fingers
Dripping down my spine
Can a heart be haunted mine is rattling
Against my will like a ghost wind blowing right
Through me I can't fight the chill

Too close to the cold and I still get burned
I saw the storm but I never learned
Couldn't walk away and let you go stood there
Like a fool, when it started to snow
And now your kiss is frozen on my tongue
And now your breath is freezing in my lungs
You hold me down under the northern lights
Snow blind, I don't mind you got me frozen

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Número de Letras 954
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