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You don’t know what’s going on inside of me
It’s more than just a small philosophy
I tried to tell you but you didn’t wanna hear
If I release this pain I know no one will see

In the dark I’m all alone and I must find
Anything that proves to me that I’m alive
Then I see you and I think you are here to help
But suddenly you start to yell at me and

I can’t take it anymore
I need to break what is stored
Give me a reason and
I’ll say what is inside
A part of me just wanna die
I look but I can’t find the light
I’ll go away if you don’t stop yelling now

When I sleep I hear your voice chasing me
And I run, I fight but you won’t let me go
I wake up and think about, it’s not a dream
Cause everything I dream is everything I see

I can’t feel the blood running through my veins
I've tried so many times to let this pain
But these things that I’m felling is part of me
So why don’t you shut up and let me live cause


All those things that started happening to me
I don’t know who I’m supposed to be
I must let this felling go away
Maybe it’s time for me to stop the time and say that


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