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1. 30 Seconds

came in with the wind; got up and under my skin; i stand here in the this corner; on this broken down day in California; I'm climbing these walls; a reflection of my withdrawals; this darkness i resid...

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2. Down In The City

it roars like a lion; the sound of the streets; rats in the alleyway, LAPD on the beat; life in the sewers; living hell; go ask the junkie; going blue; at the alexandria hotel; chorus:; down down down...

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3. Hanoi 68

charlie hurst was a rolling stone; when he'd get his poison; he'd rest his bones; a vietnam vet, star-spangled reject; you'll catch him at the shelter; on spring and 5th; pre chorus:; american icon, h...

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4. Voices In The Night

Sirens are ringin'; the junk yard dog; starts barking; Another crime got; committed down there; Bolt the windows; and lock the doors; I think somebody's; walkin around here; Voices in the night (3x); ...

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