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Letra da Música Bright White Blind de The Gault

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They built me a cornerless room
Painted my eyes a dull, wide blue
Left an open door, as if I'd know my way
Among the grinning shapes of these days
These shadow less days

Once believed
Flinging yourself against the glass
Would set free
The burning images there

The sheet went up
And all your feats took the shapes of hands
Of puppeteers
Showing pretty birds in silhouette

A thousand suns
Rise over and over in the sky
Until the void
Is glowing with their bright white blind

Without the clock tick
I've fallen through the endless in-between
Without my measured pain
Who'll tell me when it's time to leave

I hang in this net
So far above the flame
So high that I may never feel
Another thing

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Número de Palavras 105
Número de Letras 696
Intérprete The Gault

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