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Letra da Música Found Love de The Fly-Bi-Nites

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Dancing through my
Found love I knew you'd stay
When I was you, first I thought
That no one other could see my heart

La la
La la (dream today)

I wish I could be with you
Til then please say I do
The time has come for me to say
Our love don't fade a way

La la
La la (don't fade away)

A secret son, I know it's hard
Slippery slope and always true
Just remember how it was for me
And your love will always be free

La la
La la (don't fade away)

Ficha Técnica da Música Found Love

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Número de Palavras 80
Número de Letras 457
Intérprete The Fly-Bi-Nites

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