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"A Secret Worth Keeping"

fly high young angel
your wings wont get you anywhere
their coming undone tonight

I've thrown the moon into the sun
I'm coughing blood but still I run
You own the prints that made me bleed
From your one-room pyre-side quarantine

this is the way
ill tell the world all about you
I hold the noose, you tied the knot
i found a message in the static
a secret thats worth keeping
hold your breath
and be scared for the first time
ill be leaving you tonight
the sun will set
(You are the days)
again and again
(I wish I petrified my eyes)
underneath these starless skies

The vapors fill your lungs
As I'm stuck grounded by metaphor
This quiver reins the literal ones
Let's see how well you breathe six feet under

we were never good at making amends
we just made mistakes
and i got a feeling
Like a scythe lodged in my head
the words that still haunt me
Brought me back from the dead

(second chorus)

It took me so long
To find the pulse that still
Beats without you

so leave the words unsaid
as you fly high

I've fought so hard
(I'm not looking back)
Just to severe the line
(I'm never turning back)
And as you fly I realize
(I don't want you back)
I've shown the world I can reach the sun
And you're still bounded by the ground

(end Chorus)

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Número de Palavras 212
Número de Letras 1385
Intérprete The Fire Restart

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