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Letra da Música Aggrieving Feeling de The Fallen Sons

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My veins are full of pain,
And I'm always by myself,
Don't know what to do,
To stop the hate rising up in me...

My mind full of blasted pride,
My soul full of hate,
Don't know what I've got to find
Am I loosing it?am I crushing it?

I can't live my life any longer,
Can't stand this pain forever,
Can't forget what happened,
This aggrieving feeling is killing me,

And I know how to stop this,
But how can anybody know
Should I? could I?
My heart is empty now...

Can you ever fill it ?
Do you want to fill it ?
Because my life has ended !

Now I will lay me down to sleep,
Hope that I never wake up again,
Wasted my life down on earth,
Want to go straight to hell ...

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Número de Palavras 117
Número de Letras 669
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