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1. Beauty People

Beauty people, beauty people; Ruthless people in our world, ruthless as can be; And restlessly I turn to you and you give hope to me; Like the moon and the stars that shine; Much like the ocean deep; ...

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2. Perfect Stranger

Are we alone? Forever finding our way home? Or have we lost the skill to navigate this course? Still we try, to keep ourselves alive; For reasons why, others will get left behind; Might have known you...

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3. Pretty Valentine

I took a week or so; Away from the cold and snow; Down to a Place I know; Below the Valley- o; Where the music flows; Just like your radio; I never care who knows; 'cause everything must go; Say you w...

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4. Sustain

I think it was a heated row; That drove you into my arms; I held you like a restless child; When all the world was calm; The rain that night was beating down; I could taste the salt on the air; But fo...

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