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Feast your mind on this
Someone’s eating you
Your worth
At least it’s being used

All Praise The Cannibals!
The food circle
All Praise The Cannibals!
Ignore the infidels

So sink your teeth into the systems teat and drown
Quit beating your brains, because this is where you belong

All Hail The Tangible!
Our stable walls
All Hail The Tangible!
The tether to the bulls

Cut the leash and heal me
Cut the leash now kill me

And I am clawing at, I am scratching at the chains
I am the selfish beast I am
The trough is filled with deep red lips and glutton smiles
And it tastes like home
And I am one amongst the masses of the herd
My skin has been branded and burned
I am so afraid of being all alone
I am safe here, I am home
Now I’m home

Just cut this fucking leash

Raised in captivity
Force fed on my fucking knees
For the feast

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Número de Letras 823
Intérprete The End

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