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1. Bee F Gees

I realized; To keep living; I need to be myself; And motherfucker at all; we are all liars; too sick sick; Do this for living! don't even talk at all; There's something I just need to say; I need to b...

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2. Bulletproof

I ain't got much time to waste my life; trying to prove something; I've try to shoot, but I'm bulletproof. So I need a drink; I need to be alone, alone to find my way; Who wants to be alone, alone all...

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3. Drama

You want to be god; But you're just a human; You're moved by pain; You want to be god; But you do just drama; You're moved by pain; I know its too hard to live here; You know the truth but pretend don...

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4. Katoscream

This is history of a lonely guy; living with broken heart; Always tied to wait by; Living like a brick; I got a little just a little bit; I got a little hope; Dance with me; I got the world; When we'r...

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5. Lamb

In the name; Of what? Someone gave them power; Snakes; Of faith; I know you're a big ass liar; Oh Oh oh oh; They steal; Your soul; And Then they give fake flowers; Your bill; Will come; No matter dead...

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6. Selfish

And I've been selfish; But What I do is not wrong; Whatever I do to be safe; Looking for my own box; I built my wall for don't falling down; I can't get involved, again; I messed up and she's gone awa...

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7. The Last Panda

Ok; Watch me now; Hit me and I'll dance with blood; Thinking what they said about us; Tease me and keep saying no noo; Uhh ooh yeah; They say: your freak, you don't belong here; Cut me and make me ble...

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8. Veneno

Got my revenge; I'm gonna make you cry; You don't remember; But I'll be around; Just Expecting; When you drown in your own poison; Just Expecting; I should use a knife, but I won't; just Expecting; I'...

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