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Letra da Música Hoodoo de The Deep Eynde

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A swirling suggestion
Blends up a liquid sting
In a whirling direction
The burning pages will bring
Stirring down circles
Flowing down whirls
And waiting trails
When all else fails

One from the living
Two from the dead
Waiting nails
Turn the hating head


Muscles in mouth
Result from a mesmerizing mix
And the legacy of a drenching kiss
Rests on liquid tricks

Eyes at a strainful size
With bated breath to realize
The beams of the silver footed queen
Will dance to the ensnarling recipe


Tricky sauce
Is the wet key
To spice up the seasons
Of their unwanted plea
Such a charming disguise to make them want to need

Sweeter than the moon shines
That shimmers the force that simmers
Getting perosnal with possessions
Now only follow directions


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Número de Palavras 102
Número de Letras 833
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