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1. Better Place To Stop

Just keep on goin, till you find a better place to stop; No time for slowin, when you're racing that ole'clock; You'r hand is showin, but you ain't holdin a lot; So just keep goin till you find you a ...

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2. California Open Invitation

There's a postcard, and a letter, Mailed from golden shores of california; And a message sent solely to warn ya, We're all fallin in, to the ocean; But don't look so sad, 'cus theres lots of cold beer...

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3. Fool's Gold

Well, a truest test of a man's good name; Is acceptance of failure and losing a game, With a smile and a handshake , quiet every building rage; I got knocked around in a real small town, And they poke...

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4. Me and The Whiskey

Gave up on runnin' out, She still gave up on me; And I gave up cigarettes now its just me and whiskey; Gave up on trying to get found, Jesus gave up on me; And I gave that white and red now its just m...

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5. Parachute

It's like I'm waitin for, my parachute to open, My eyes are wide, I'm scared to death and I'm hopin, That I don't hit the ground, too fast; It's like I'm standin in the middle of the ocean, Oh but, I'...

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