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1. 7

For I am the first and the last; I am the honored one and the scorned one; I am the whore and the holy one; I am the wife and the virgin; I am the barren one, and many are her sons; I am the silence t...

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2. Directions

Colour and form; Crave together thought new leads me somewhere; Images waving on every cant; Steps waves and tides; Directions falling down in blue and scarlet; I want me; 'Cause I don`t; 'Cause I don...

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3. Evolution

Window watching moon; Chasm from feelings create the world; Drop from infinity; My spirit lay; My spirit lay; Into beginning; You`ll meet something what you're never looking for; This glass from pain;...

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4. Labyrinth Of Present

Fear of the unknown; Hope and labyrinth; Had become one; I felt like; I felt like I'm a piece; Of timber; Fine rain watered the earth; Giving a name to that; What is coming and is latent; And sparklin...

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5. Ouroboros

Somewhere I've never travelled; Looking for gladly; Beyond any experience; Desires come over; Become the moment in distance; Do you forget how to live through? Do you? Do you reveal how to live throug...

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