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1. All The While

You try not to make it hurt; You’re spilling all the dirt and you don’t know; But I really think so; You’re living for the day; Giving what it takes to get your way; Incognito; You’re leaving out with...

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2. Better Days

One Another; Two to go; Three’s alive now; Four’s a show; Come together; Find your way; Reason’s lackin’; For you to stay; Follow me now; Into this place; live forever; better days; You won’t suffer a...

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3. Blinded

Waiting for my yesterday; Sinking far from you; Losing all of my memory; Still there’s nothing new; Wasting away with my shattered dreams; Still I carry on; Nothing is ever what it seems; I can see no...

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4. Broken

You find it weighing on your mind; The words so very hard to find; Glancing pictures on the wall; You’ve seen it once you’ve seen it all; I can’t deny; Taking all things aside; Tell me, how can I lie;...

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5. Can't Resist

Sitting on the hillside by the water deep; Staring face to face under the moon; A starry night is always such a quiet place; To see how far we’ve come so very soon; I can see you really love me; And I...

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6. I Had You

And I wait for you; To notice I’m not there; A love I knew; The picture has gone bare; I wasted no time; And still they made me bleed; I wanted your mind; To open up and see; That I had you in my eyes...

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7. Latenite Joyride

Feeling all too sure; Standing by the fire; Freezing from the cold; Burning with desire; Latenite joyride; Acquainted more by your side; Feelin’ all right; I can’t lie; Feelings can’t be sure; Losing ...

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8. Reflection

Are you happy? Are you breathing something real? Can you fake it? Have you nothing left to feel? Complicated; To the point of all extremes; Overrated; Are you rippin from the seams; In your mind; You ...

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9. Shaken Not Stirred

You want a new revolution; Blinded with your eyes; You say that your solution; Will overcome their lives; You'll save them from the fire; You'll break them from their chains; I'd have to be a liar; To...

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10. She Brings Me Down

She came on like a storm; She didn't even break my fall; Said she'd keep me safe and warm; That's how the game is after all; She came to me with a smile; Then again that's just her style; Said she saw...

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11. Something New

She left me when she ran to another; She’ll be back someday I swear; She wasn’t like any other; But did she even care; When she ran away; She left me here to stay cause’; She’s gone on to something ne...

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12. Take Me Back

Take me back to my dreams of G.I. Joe and make believe; When I used to fall asleep. ; Playing army in the fort, watching Star Wars on the floor; Looking up to so much more; Take me back to that place ...

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13. You Are There

You are there; You’re the one who lifts me up; And makes me want to smile; I can’t hide how I’m feeling; Will you stay beside me for awhile; In the wake of my own fear; I’m enlightened by the sound; Y...

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