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1. Armistice

cease-fires on fingertips everything you want for everything you need trade the future in for history unconditional surrendering; i’m not going to tell you why no i’m not going to you why armistice in...

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2. Contrails

blood work done will say; we’re poison i will taste from your lips will you taste from my lips to be sure we’ll sit here turning blue together one final collapse of our union is well deserved goodbye ...

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3. Creations In The Fire

where’s the fuel where’s the engine where’s the pressure and release are you a muse or match creation made to burn accelerates woven into words you see the artist in the arson you see potential in dec...

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4. Gunfighter

russian roulette i accept there’s a bullet in the chamber if we play who will; survive you’re afraid having doubts pull the trigger make me proud end all our; suffering with luck maker of angels a tak...

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5. Hawking

god forbid we’re silent swear; you won’t tell a soul often i pretend i’m at peace with consequence more lies to make us confident in our judgment; who will know who will notice us we lay awake in the ...

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6. Liberation Day

from the shadows guards are watching towers to the skies fences stretch for miles plan it slow work in silence surmounting obstacles master patience leave nothing to; chance give the signal send the c...

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7. Mayday Transmission

dear circumstance have you no remorse by providence i make my way inside the chaos leave my fate to sails to only make the progress weather will allow set my course for; shores carried on a promise fo...

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8. Neuron Flood

heads like hurricanes; navigate through neuron rains hearts like summer storms to our embraces we are born we are the innocent holy ghosts; in every wish we are the guilt within a wish fulfilled tonig...

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9. Sino Sunrise

here i trespass eight minutes; from the sun stranger to paradise traveler lost over field over wall and into mind open windows i will find i; learn to move i move to learn i move to learn i travel muc...

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10. Went Like Lambs

thieves came to steal my soul empty-handed they’re going; home you can’t take what i don’t own i offer no reward i sold it all for self-control we’re at the mercy of the; rising tide we are the lambs ...

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