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1. Bullshit Propaganda

You think you know what's best for us; Playin' us like puppets why would you need a degree; To screw it n' fuck it n' for lyin' all the time; Why don't you let us find out what is it that you hide; A ...

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2. Cabô

Estão dando ingressos pra ver; As serpentes queimando o céu; Os aterros de lixo me fazem; uma pessoa reciclável; comparável, insuportável, cliente ludibriável; produto descartável; se nos acaba el jug...

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3. Coldness

All I know is that’s been so long since I got so cold; But I’m not allowed to regret a feeling; To long for a lost time; When times they looked far better; Than they are today; When will they; Notice ...

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4. Either

Please someone tell me what I’m feelin’; Say it ain’t love Tell me it’ll be alright; I feel so empty, I feel so meaningless; Though it’s not sadness I ain’t laughin’ either; It’s cold and does not bot...

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5. Excitement

I could use some excitement; don't you go thinking I'm your Samson; 'cos you ain't Delilah; funniest thing in life when you; don't know what you'll be finding; on the corner of a street; a vision you'...

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6. Fifteen Days

Am I ahead? Or am I losin’? I hesitate ‘cos you know it’s spring break; It is just the time; When folks n’ dudes they’ve got the highest; You bet I’m on it; And I don’t wanna spend what’s left o’ my l...

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7. For Planes The Sky

I live in a place; people get no time to waste; 'cos we have lost much time; gettin' wasted from up high; we have moved to diversity; it's hard to find a pure ethnicity; we don't leave room for protec...

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8. Helpless Melancholy

keep thinkin and dreamin; and pushin my luck; feels so strange to have a goal; it helps you walking; when you know where you're going to; but I just don't wanna leave it now; I used to kinda loved to;...

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9. O Galo da Alvorada

O galo cantando a alvorada, oi não é? Oi a canção da alvorada; Enquanto eu acordo pra jornada, pois não é? É minha vida que começa! O sol vem a pino pra queimar, vem não é? Co‘as estrelas vive o homem...

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10. Yet Unseen

restablished a condition; one we once maintained; the waves of tide; play seek and hide; where nothing's lost; but we've found shame; there's too much gas; almost no air; and no room to complain; ther...

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