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1. Between Two Silences

1st; In the beginning there was silence; How it was, it will be again; Coal - calm has wings; Comes and flicks for me; 2nd; I gave my heart to; Sadness; 'cause it tastes fine; As summer night; It used...

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2. Fields

The innermost music of Blood; Decomposes - morbidity and stink; Yammering floats its wrack; Above wide fields; The old province gets filled up; Thought becomes a statue; It survives on a whole lotta d...

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3. Pictures In The Fog

Deep seas of fog, ships desperately lost; Oars already got frost; The Sun is being webbed enmeshed with cobweb; By traitor, so calm spider legs; Like an ancient myth on the crests of sea; Our ark’s tr...

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4. Symbol

Suddenly, almost by stealth; The whole bloodle crushes in me; A symbol, a picture, a sign; That resurrects just for a moment; Then fades out, vanishes into shade; Arm of thought can't reach it; But so...

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5. Throe

On still and stirless burning plains; Slowly spread its mighty wings; A w ild-fowl – throe, pestilent pain; Vomits cruel curse in the drift; Freezing gray glancing eyes; Torn, blood-stained plume peta...

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6. Twilight Faces

Surging lights, rough lights; Roam and blaze, roaming blaze; And the distant nightfall; Burst my face into flames; Spread, fling your soul; Vestal hoar, rough nightfall; Let me see your face; Moment a...

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