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1. Balconies

Underneath this desert sky, by chance that I’m still flying; Bring me down, I’m not so high anymore; I’m not gonna worry, not gonna change; Want to lay and watch airplanes fly; There’s balconies in fa...

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2. Emmons

I'm moving forward another morning i've come to regret another secret that's best kept between you and me i know what it's like (sometimes)to be caught in all the lies; I know what it's like (sometime...

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3. For Better Or For Worse

For better or for worse - one regret i confess what said was said what’s done was done un loyalty seems to be all the rage tonight such fashion how we dress in neglect; Makes everything alright pull t...

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4. Hershey Chase Experiments

You said fuck social seniority the air in your car it smells so sweet have you ever met that someone that made you think that there's a purpose something to this life; Can i ask you if there's a purpo...

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5. L.h.p.g

She wears my stars around her neck stars i'll always see stars i'll wish upon to hope that you love me for now you're gone but not for long this distance makes me stronger too far to touch too far to ...

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6. Like Always (youregoddamnright)

She said that i'll be there be there waiting just like always but this time i won't compromise my happiness; It's the start of our demise do you remember last when you told me that you'd hold me till ...

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7. Myself All Up

You could be here next to me; Jump out this dream into 3d; You could rest right beside me, lay your head; Turn around so you face me; Haven’t seen you lately; Not the same since you put me, out of you...

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8. Politely

Just below rainbow lasers; Through artificial haze and rock-n-roll; In a wild winter storm, barely attached to the road; Underneath a futon bed, covered under a blanket; Through un-identifiable halls ...

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9. Shiver

Here it comes again, late night phone calls & saltwater; She can’t taste the subtlety on my lips; Drive off to her house, 2:30 in the morning; The emptiness comes creeping back to me; Turn the radio o...

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