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1. Contradictions

Those who still believe in your contradictions; Can't see the opposition; Between the things you are and the things you think you think you are, so untrue. You're lying once again, this time it'll bri...

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2. Erase

Nothing you can do can save my soul from this suffering; Nothing I can do can take myself out of this pain; You are the one who turn my life into this hell; But I will not go down or give up until the...

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3. No Surrender

Another day, another fight. Another war, we've got to survive. Nothing has changed, just getting worse. No one cares and no one to trust. We gotta try before it's too late. We gotta find our way to es...

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4. Real Enemy

Have you ever heard about intolerance? Have you ever thought about what you hate? You look so foolish and weak when you try to push me down. Can you just for once realize what's going on? We're drowin...

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5. Strength

Honor, I know I can find my path. I want you to try to understand that I came here to stay; Bow down to no one. Have faith in myself and in the ones; That are by my side. Refuse to live a lie. Bow dow...

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6. True Brotherhood

Welcome to a world of lies and hypocrisy. Hard to see who are the real enemies. Reality, it's what you find behind the masks. Loyalty, it's the best you can do for your friends. ; No time to waste. On...

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7. Union / Respect

What make us believe? Why don't we give up? Never accept to submit, a life we didn't choose; Don't conform, don't step down. We still got to believe, the right time is now; CHORUS; Go! resistance! Sta...

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