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1. Afterglow

She’s been drifting for too long now; But now her ship’s come in; He’d been running from the shadows; Now sunlight floods within; There’s something new inside; First time to realise; Afterglow; Afterg...

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2. Beautiful

When I look at you; I see something so beautiful; When I see you; You shine the truth; When I look I see; All you shine and all your beauty; If you only knew what i know; And if you only knew what I k...

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3. Bring The Summer In

Blue summer carpet ‘tween the trees; No longer smothered by the leaves; You bring your sun to light the days; The summertime lightens my ways; Though the rain is falling fast; The summer in your heart...

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4. Gollum

I love it, I hate it; For the fire it stirs in me; My passion, soul ashen; Do I want to be set free? When time marches on relentless; I reach for you; When pressing on seems senseless; I reach (for yo...

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5. Grace

sooner or later well the scaring on my soul won't let me be; the skies are clear and the sun it settles down; still I struggle on, try to sing a happy song; heavy spirit its ready to receive, the dark...

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6. Heaven's Strength

it takes a little bit of faith to get it right; to make it turn from dust to gold; it takes a little bit of power so hold on tight; to stop your fire from blowing cold; I slip and slide still standing...

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7. I Can't Hear You

Through the noise of the street; And the screams inside my head; I don’t seem to find peace; Through the words that you have said; The traffic’s constant pulse; through the rush of pouring rain; Make ...

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8. It's Alright

the blues the greys the rainy days, they're coming to get ya; they rearrange and seem to change, the rhythm it sets ya; we crave the wave we need to save the thrill and the feeling; part of the flood ...

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9. Lost

Walked home tonight through the streets; Where we all came of age; Buildings still the same but the faces; Now seem so strange; Though its been so many years; Since I saw your face; I still think abou...

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10. Siren

I hear your voice calling me, seducing me; To jump into the waters again; My body aches, restraining me, reminding me; Every time I drown in my shame; I’m diving headlong; The current’s too strong; I ...

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11. Think About It

Whatever is noble; Whatever is true; So compelling; Perfect to you; Whatever you heard or learnt or receive; It’s time to practise what you believe; Think, just think about it; Let it totally fill you...

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12. This Year's Love

Well this years love was last years lust giving hope to see tomorrow; Will next years love be an equal must or just follow on into sorrow; We love we lose we try to prove there is something here we ca...

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13. Time For Change

Mundane predictability; Dawns on me like the sunrise; There’s no unknown within the place; Where I exist; Mechanic like occurrence; Of each days routine; With prosaic efficiency; That steals the dream...

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14. Underwhelmed

Keep expecting so much; Seeing little in return; Desperate for the deeper moments; Begin to see them slowly burning down; I see them slowly burning down; Needing meaning in this; Heavy day I seem to b...

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