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1. Eye For An Eye

They ran from their shelters in fear; In fear that those bombs hit too near; They don’t know if they will survive; It is hard to find a place to hide; Eye for an eye till the whole world is blind; Eye...

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2. Gone

You have no sense of what you’re doing; You cry for things that you’re losing; The pain inside you increasing; Letting it out is what it’s all about; You may feel you’re stronger; But you’re just divi...

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3. I Drank A Lot

Today I like myself much more than yesterday; I’ve made up mind I won’t break down for you again; Just for fun, I drank a lot; Shame or pain, I drank a lot; Today I found myself thinking that I miss y...

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4. Man In The Mirror

Cure me! I am sick man! I found it out myself but it was far too late... ; Should i ask you to stay with me or should i let you run away; Will you come back to ease my pain or will i ever see you agai...

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5. Reborn

Here I sit and cry my scars; I wanted to be like the other angels; Deep in my mind I realized; I felt I’m not; I missed my chance; I screwed up for good; Now I’m forced to turn to something new; And I...

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