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1. All My Love

I'm taking you back; I'm taking you back; Here's another one; [Queen Pen]; Uh, yeah; I remember being on that nigga's chair, hard; Back in the day in the projects; Chasing after him, a lil' young chic...

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2. Girlfriend

(Intro); Queen Pen: Me'shell Ndegeocello, play for me, c'mon talk to me; Me'shell: anyone know, it never ceases to amaze me how everbody's always in; somebody else's buisness, looking for something, b...

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3. It's True

Intro:; Yeah, it's 97 going into 98; And I've been doin' this for mad years, payin' dues; This is my heart, my purpose in life; And finally I'm on; Which brings me to realise that the tough life that ...

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4. Man Behind The Music

Step right up, step up, step up, (repeat); [Teddy]; 1 - This is how it should be done; Cuz this style; Is identical to none; How can I make you dance some more (TR); That's what I came here for; This ...

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5. My Melody

(Intro); Uh, it's all for you, my melody boo; This lovin' is all for you, break it down, how you feel about this; verse 1; Reminiscing to back in our beginning; Sweet politicing in the heart of the vi...

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6. Party Ain't A Party

[Queen Pen]; 1 - Yo, a party ain't a party 'till it's ran all through; And leave it to my crew, it's gon' be playa' proof; After three rounds we gon' blow off this roof; A party ain't a party 'til it'...

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7. Queen of the Click

Click! Hahhh (c'mon) street team (yeah); Relax, make moves like what (like what, like what); Brooklyn, Uptown (yeah); Beak it down one time, to y'all; (Queen of the Click); Lookie here, look at me, ha...

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8. Rock the Body

The password is party. ; [T. Lee]; Ha, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah; For the 98 this is how we do; Queen Pen ya'll, T. Lee ya'll; Rock on ya'll, D-Dot ya'll; Come On; Hook:; [Queen Pen]; For all the honeys ...

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