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1. Black Star

Coco nights control me; Revolve me; I like the way it goes; Open up my window; Escape into the shadow; Tear away my soul and make me feel whole (feeling so cold); Haunt my sleep and dreams with vivid ...

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2. Broken Dreams

With a smile that leaves you cold; And your eyes show the pain; What was once to have and hold; Now is love lost in vain; My heart breaks for you; It's a weapon, there's no limit; All I ask of you is ...

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3. Freestyle

Stop, make your moves for me; Stop, keeping me behind bars; I get the feeling I keep breaking through the mould; Come clean; Cause when I feel your body close; I can't seem to breathe; So let me frees...

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4. Neon

N, the light that we were born from; Thick and unforgotten; The heart, it learns to live on; Rise just like the sun; Others fall, some may hide; Defeat them all; Take the crown and make it mine; Off t...

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5. Only Love

Darling you're with me always around me; Only love, only love; Darling I feel you under my body; Only love, only love; Give me shelter or show me heart; Come on love, come on love; Watch me fall apart...

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6. Shoot The Bullet

Keep me waiting for your love; And syncopated we would touch bad; In a moment give it up and run; Shoot a bullet through my heart; And shatter all inside; You conceale it, but I feel it all the time; ...

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7. Spanish Sahara

So walked into the haze; In a million dirty waves; Now I see you laying back; Like a loosing air, air; Black clouds in the sand; Still there someone I cannot bear; And I wipe the sun from my eye; Span...

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8. Tears In The Rain

The memories that haunted us; We bury in the sand; And let the future carry us; Live life without a plan; Are you ready? Are we fearless? Surrender or fail; All that we touch; Could soon be lost; Like...

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9. Warrior

Rise above us all like a warrior; And the weapons, oh, be a predator; Touch of solid gold... Can you survive Let the guns fire; Let the drums beat; Wave a white flag, for me

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