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1. Daddy

Stop it daddy; Daddy stop it nuh; A going to tell on you enuh; [CHORUS: 2X]; Daddy don't touch mi there; I'm gonna tell on you one day I swear; Can't you see I'm scared; You suppose to be ma father; [...

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2. Far Away

I want to take you far away, far away, far away; Only if you say you'll come; All to myself; Is how I want to have you; Can't see me with nobody else; And I don't know what to do; I see you pass my wa...

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3. Protect and Serve

Report over police scanner; Jamaica has one of the highest murder rates in the world; Where one committed every nine hours; And caught in the middle is the police; 5-0, 5-0; Nobody move; Weh mi seh no...

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