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1. Bklyn

Something like a phenomenon; Vintage movies like I'm Ze-Non; Eating fresh tacos at El Fogon; Never liked a wack bitch and on & on; Tapioca, retro loafers; Had the best sex on a thrifted sofa; Put it i...

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2. Off The Books

Hypothetically my rhymes could never be the death of me; That's why these niggas and bitches; and as they try to get the best of me; Over the phone and on the street tryna kick it to me; Telling me so...

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3. Queen Of Ny

I come thru in a vintage outfit; Makeup and hair done - jeans and blouse shit; Correct a chick if she try and doubt shit; I'm a homewrecker I'll fuck your spouse bitch; Gag him real good with the stra...

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4. Shades On Top Down

Walk in the spot with my hand on my hip; And the music feel good; When I dance when I dip; Bitches wanna pop shit; But they can't take a flick; Mad cause I look so they can't take a chick; Handle your...

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5. You Make Me Cry

You make me cray; Loving you each day; I will always stay; Never go away; You are my life; You make me cry; Always by your side; Don't want no nother' guy; Be the boogie to my beat; Be the boogie to m...

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