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1. Baseline

I give a shit about the kick that's been coming from the underground spot; beating the pop up, the fuck up that lays all around. Now give me sound from the other side; every night it's gonna go on and...

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2. Copycat

I’m as big as they come when I’m over the phone. I’m as; clean as they come when I’m fixing my zone, on my own. Clock my clone, lock my home, cool it. I don’t pretend to be; gentle because I...

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3. Dive In

Someday I will dive me in. Someday I will take a spin. Someday I will make it right. Someday I will stop the fight. ; It has been thought, it’s been thought; I found a god that can teach. Take me al...

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4. Fuck You Puto

What do you think about the man that never came, caught in his own bad game under a new name. You're no better cause you don't feel shit, you moan and whine until you get another hit. So what's with t...

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5. Lone Rangers(remix)

Quarashi; Lone Rangers(remix); Wake up boy,you try,christmas tree,with me; Wake up boy,you cry,christmas tree,with me; I get up,get knocked down by the sound,right? I move my groove being; crossed & g...

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6. Malone Lives

I wanna grow up to be a funky Euripides, the fly on the street, the beat, bat; the breeze, what, the ease, what release, to be or to be not and see not and; hear not ... come on. It’s not that a big...

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7. Mess It Up

Damn, what we gonna do tonight? Uh, let me think. How about we get our; ass of this couch and get a drink. I'm fed up with doin' nothing, wanna get intoxicated. My mind n the kinda state won't remembe...

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8. Mr. Jinx

Now it’s your type o mad Jinx the mad sucker with a tail. I’ve got my life worked up it ain’t as cheap as one thinks. I’ve got links on it, the same internet porn, ain’t as deep as I’ve be...

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9. Payback

Yo You Drop your guard, rock you hard, Who’s in charge of this force? I bet you didnt think you'd be cut up and scarred. A man on the guard when it comes to retribution. No matter how you whine theres...

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10. Race City

Trace my path in small paces break it down to you gently. Saw these old and new faces appear to me so evidently. And all this while people ignored me from 5 minutes of glory. To end of story didn't fe...

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11. Stars

Tiny:; Yo, where you're going man, come on. You know what should be your next fix, a job nine to five, fuck the compensation and extras. And all the conversations with social workers et cetera. You ne...

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12. Stick 'Em Up

Until there was you we didn't know what to do; but I don't give a fuck about the things that I blew. Sucker mc don't you love me, wanna have me, wanna que me, one two three. It's just a modest proposa...

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13. Straight Execution

[...]; [refrão]; You can bring all your voice; You know I'll be the must when you come to rap with us boys; I love to see your sorry face; Cause it says based you're losing; You get no trying; It's St...

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14. Tarfur

Eg mun vaka yfir ter; Lifa ut I horn; Hvort tel eg nidur til min telji slippur og snaudur stend eg tar; Hvenaer sem er, hvert sem fer, hverning sem er; Hvort sem stendur eda felur mun eg gera tad sem ...

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15. The People Vs. Quarashi

Aye yo this shit doesn't come easy but hey don't misjudge me whatever might displease you, still couldn't touch me. I don't care what I write is what I'm gonna bust fights on round one, if you fuck wi...

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16. Transparent Parents

(Well, well, well); Well I’m constantly divin’ down, driving out, jivin’ about, Is; cause suckers two-faced self assured sickos. I don’t get it; seconds are wasted. As for the name of the game...

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17. Weirdo

Get back the fact is that their giving me slack cause I’m the; prophet of naught and the gospel aphrodisiac. Give me; sorrow, I break it into love. You gotta follow, I’m holding our; people above....

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18. Xeneizes

Welcome to the Quarashi game here I am the noname yeah the same boy; Who doesn’t need a frame. I’m surrounded by foes and anything goes so I gotta be; Like Tony Montana on his toes. Up up and down...

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