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1. Buster Keaton

Full blood veggie dressed in fur; And your beliefs are in a blur; The benetton colors are so true; Just not on the beach next to you; Maybe its time for some self interrogation; But you already chose ...

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2. Herfra Hvor VI Star

Alting er faldet til ro. Og snart står solen op igen. Månens harmonikaskrig, dør langsomt hen. ; Herfra hvor vi står, kan vi se os omkring; til alle sider. Det bevæger sig . Når vi går. Det forandrer ...

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3. Pressure

I've been trying; To get you under my pressure; I've been trying to hurt you; For as long as I can remember; Looking for the spineless point; And change your summer into winter; When I look into your ...

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4. Slippin

I was demanding to be all so strong; But truth be told I only want myself to tag along; Following my shadow, loaded with guilt; What I didn't know was patching up and makes a quilt; Too much pleasure ...

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