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(Mathiastyner); Hold up, I'm beamin', huh, yeah! When your bitch see me up on the stage, "AAh! ", you know she screamin', huh, yeah (AAh!); She know this dick make her twitch; And I ain't even muh'fuc...

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2. Insecure

He's so insecure; Nowhere to run; Nowhere for morenah sike fuck that shit, fuck that shit; (yeah, yeah, you alredy know bro); Turn up the fucking beat; Ksi, what the fuck are you talking about; (ay, c...

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3. Uh Huh!

Hahahahahaha! You hear that? I'm just fuckin' laughin' at this beat; I'm laughin' at this beat! Yeah, aye; I take this shit from the highest league; You could never be as high as me; No I ain't never ...

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4. Where'D You Go?

I'm like "Where'd you go? "; I came in this shit outta nowhere; Yeah, I didn't mean to scare you broused to look around they like "Where'd he go? "; Now they see me everywhere they like "There he go";...

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